SuperCars is a class in the European Rallycross Championship that has existed since the 2011 season, after the old "Division" classes were replaced.

The first champion was Sverre Isachsen (2011), before the titles went to Timur Timerzyanov (2012, 2013), Robin Larsson (2014) and Tommy Rustad (2015).


Year Race Race Winners Champion
2011 Lydden Hill Norway Sverre Isachsen Norway Sverre Isachsen
Montalegre USA Tanner Foust
Essay Norway Frode Holte
Hell Norway Mats Lysen
Holjes USA Tanner Foust
Maasmechelen Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Valkenswaard Norway Sverre Isachsen
Greinbach Norway Sverre Isachsen
Słomczyn Norway Sverre Isachsen
Sosnová Norway Sverre Isachsen
2012 Lydden Hill USA Tanner Foust Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Dreux UK Kevin Procter
Greinbach Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Nyirád Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Hell USA Tanner Foust
Höljes Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Maasmechelen Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Valkenswaard Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Kouvola Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Buxtehude UK Liam Doran
2013 Lydden Hill USA Tanner Foust Russia Timur Timerzyanov
Montalegre UK Liam Doran
Nyirád Sweden Timmy Hansen
Kouvola USA Tanner Foust
Hell UK Liam Doran
Höljes Norway Andreas Bakkerud
Lohéac Norway Andreas Bakkerud
Greinbach Norway Alexander Hvaal
Buxtehude Norway Alexander Hvaal
2014 Lydden Hill Sweden Robin Larsson Sweden Robin Larsson
Hell USA Ken Block
Mettet Sweden Robin Larsson
Buxtehude Sweden Mattias Ekström
Franciacorta Sweden Johan Kristofferson
2015 Mettet France Jérôme Grosset-Janin Norway Tommy Rustad
Estering Norway Tommy Rustad
Hell Norway Tommy Rustad
Catalunya Norway Ole Christian Veiby
Franciacorta Norway Tommy Rustad