Kevin Hansen
Born 28 May 1998
Nationality Sweden Swedish
RX Lites Cup
RX Lites Cup (2015)

Kevin Hansen (born 28 May 1998) is a Swedish teen rallycross driver. Coming from the Hansen family of rallycross drivers, Kevin is the youngest son of 14-times European champion Kenneth Hansen and Susann Bergvall and brother of Timmy Hansen. He is also the cousin of Magnus Hansen, the 1999 European Rallycross Championship Division 2 champion. After winning the JRX European Series at the age of 15, he aims to become the newest World champion in the Hansen family, doing so by taking the 2015 RX Lites Cup.

In the 2015 RX Lites Cup, he was crowned champion at Brescia when his rival Thomas Bryntesson failed to qualify for the final.

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