Jānis Baumanis
Born  15 May 1992
Nationality Latvia Latvian
European Rallycross Championship
World Rallycross Championship
European Rallycross Championship Super1600s (2015)

Jānis Baumanis (born 15 May 1992) is a Latvian rallycross driver.

In 2015 he won the European Rallycross Championship in Super1600s, and was Latvia's second champion in that category.


Jānis Baumanis began his professional racing career at just 16 years of age, quickly becoming one of the first internationally recognized Latvian drivers. Now 23, he is already a Baltic and double Latvian champion in autocross and has earned the title of Master of motorsports in Latvia. His ambition and work ethic has led to a successful 2014 season, reaching 3rd place overall in the Super 1600 European Rallycross Championship. Jānis is determined to compete with the best drivers of Europe, impressing the spectators and even the board of FIA with his performances, which include wins in Norway, Belgium and Germany. Jānis scored the most podiums from all S1600 drivers in season 2014 of European Rallycross Championship. He is not just a race car driver, however, and being a well-rounded individual makes him easy and pleasant to work with.