The FIA Internations-Cup was a series involving national teams. The countries involved included Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium and Germany among others. The most successful of the nations were Finland and Norway. The Finns won in 1985, 1986 and 1988 and the Norwegians acheived a hat-trick of titles.

The FIA Internations-Cup was not held in 1991 or 1994. It was folded following a fatal crash at Circuit des Ducs which killed five spectators in July 1996. It was the first fatal accident in rallycross history since it was created in 1967 and pretty much tarnished the reputation of the sport.[1]


Year Winners
1984 Sweden Sweden
1985 Finland Finland
1986 Finland Finland
1987 UK Great Britain
1988 Finland Finland
1989 Norway Norway
1990 Norway Norway
1992 Norway Norway
1993 Sweden Sweden
1995 France France
1996 cancelled